Sewing on a Snap: My Way

Most doll clothes need snaps. But I had a problem. I dreaded sewing on snaps--not because it was hand sewing. I love hand sewing. They just never looked cute.  And I prefer not to use velcro. It can pull apart yarn doll hair. And it isn't cute. And there is something more classic enduring and simple about a snap.  

There were several things I hated about snap sewing. The stitching to secure them never looks good if you use sewing machine thread. It looks scraggly. The beginning and ending knots always show. 

I needed to find a way to make snaps fun. After all I sew on A LOT of snaps.

I tried changing it up a bit. I used pearl cotton No 12 for thread. It looks pretty and two stitches for each hole is plenty. It also helped with the knot problem. Instead of knotting my thread, I secure it at the beginning and end by passing through a loop and pulling the thread tight. It is completely stable and if you snip the extra thread short enough, barely shows.

Snaps became cute and fun, and not dreaded at all. Just a final punctuation mark.

Below, beginning with a diagram of the two parts of a standard snap, I have diagramed my snap sewing method. 

Next post, sewing snaps onto clothes and my weapon for great placement.

two snaps1 pm.jpg

My step by snap sewing guide:

Images enlarge if you click on them.